Four. Clarence Farm, Roehampton
misty mind, light arising on the horizon, stiff back, stretching slowly, thoughts passing, away, those dreams, full of feelings, feelings translated into words, feelings fade away, I'm left with just words. as I walk I think to my self that saying a word, any word, say kindness, is easier than holding a feeling, without saying
Saturday morning, lingering dreams, a feeling of threading, a trace, a trail, manifest in threading a piece of 16mm film, weaving some thoughts, the film becomes the dream, an adventure, a journey, exploring, a play of pictures and feelings, vague words fade before they settle into meaning. I hesitate in this body of thoughts, some feelings of ecological being from long ago.

Three. Walthamstow
Nutrition; calories, protein, saturates. A day; water, muesli, porridge oats, milk, coffee, egg, toast, baked beans, banana, orange, yogurt, tea, hot cross bun, dried fruit, mixed nuts, soya yogurt, tea, toast, vegetable stew - 1700kcal, 60g protein, 11g saturated fats. Maybe a little more veg.

Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road
A penny for your thoughts? Pennies to play with, pocket-money to spend. Wandering across Beverly Brook, a way to school and to The Pictures on Saturday morning. Sometimes to buy a balsa-wood glider. Weekends, helping the milkman deliver milk, eggs, butter and cheese. 0n the electric milk-float from the Petersham Dairy, in the frosts around Christmas, in the coolness of a hot summer morning.  During holidays helping out on the sports ground where I lived; digging, raking, mowing, riddling, driving the tractor. Sometimes I'd be given some shillings for helping out. 

Conduit Wood Pond, Richmond Park
These precious moments, these photographs we make in a fraction of a second. Each photograph meaningful in so many ways, ways I often don't want to fix with words. Words swirl around these photographs. I look at a photograph, faded feelings manifest themselves from dissolved thoughts, a moment of contemplation, some minutes pass by.

Two. Walthamstow
I probably don't get enough protein, I'll work out how much I have each day. Proteins are broken down into amino acids in the stomach and absorbed in the small intestine, then the liver sorts out which amino acids the body needs. The rest is flushed out in my urine. I tend towards proteins in dairy food; milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs. My body also absorbs protein from muesli, porridge, lentils and beans. A typical meal to start the day for me is muesli porridge, which gives me about 12g of protein. For my age and weight I could probably do with around 60g a day.

L’oscar, Southampton Row

Tower Hill
I meant to write about Blogger and Flickr.
I'm trying to use Blogger as a daily thing, a photograph or a piece of writing, gathering bits and pieces, not much idea of what I'm doing or why, but it feels okay in a pleasantly vague way, like a slow journey through town or across Europe or around the Universe.
Flickr, well, I see this more like a photo archive - I can find old photographs here and each one has a unique URL, so I can point to one if the need be. In both Blogger and Flickr I can easily change the date retrospectively.
I've stopped using Tumblr.
But I've started looking at Wordpress again, another old blog, but it is a bit fiddly for archiving or even blogging. But if the plug is pulled on Blogger by Google I might have to export the content to Wordpress, which seems a fairly simple process. So Wordpress is a 'backstop', in waiting, not holding my breath, place. Coffee finished.

All Hallows by the Tower, Byward Street 
Metropolitan Line train trundles across town, Aldgate. A few minutes away a Tower, a Bridge, hidden away, some Jewels. Some moss sitting, glistening in the damp afternoon light, surrounded by ancient stone, a church. Nearby modern materials incorporate themselves in passing clouds. Here, to record this moment, the coffee swirl says 1882.

Mark Lane, off Fenchurch Street

King Henry's Road
Specks swirling, rhythms, energies mingling, fixed in appearance, sparkling in mind, pouring; where do your thoughts flow?

Conduit Wood, Richmond Park
Hesitant, a moment of movement, still now. Each day a thought to hold, and in that moment of holding letting go, like a photograph. Your photograph comes back to you another day in another way, this is not how it was, was becomes how it is.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill
Falling on the hillside, fingers moving slowly, depress the button, streaks of whiteness, later the scene.

River Thames, Richmond Hill 

Richmond Park
Incomplete thoughts come into this light. A vague sense of an 'old photographs', one twenty fifth of a second; a minute ago, a year, nineteen years? Moments passing by, holding on, letting go. Arranging the time of day. Finding some thing of your own time, another rhythm, a time in tune with your day.

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