100 Avenue Road

Light and Shade
Monday morning begins with a couple of words forming. Thoughtless and Emptiness. I take a deep breath and imagine oxygen filling the empty spaces. The sun is beginning to rise, some specks of dust sparkle in the light beams. I walk without a thought. Thoughts pass me by. Walking and waking in a thoughtless way. Seems to feel okay.

whistling with the wind, meandering in the mist, a cheerful churning, a fresh feeling, composing from compost, moving through moments, rolling, rattling, raking, riddling, rocking, wondering with words, being.

Lancaster Gate

Maybe everyone is a being unto themselves. Actually every one is a being unto them selves. And then we become entangled in this human (being) world. Being becomes subsumed by human imperatives. It doesn't need to be this way. 

Thirteen, Walthamstow
A Little Photo Book, I have so many. I'm thinking about photo movies again. And playing with the piano, making sounds, maybe in C.

C. Collecting. Composting. Collaging. Composing. Composure. Contemplating. Circular.

More like a loop than a circle. A sense of phasing, slipping out of time, these embodied harmonies, in and out of sync, resonating.

We hum, sing, dance, walk, write, wander, wonder, for no reason, except to imperceptibly find harmonies, harmonies felt, an embodied knowing, a practise of moving ourselves in whatever ways we can, each day, knowingly.

Twelve. Bank Lane, Roehampton
"My favourite subject is saving the Earth". How would you like the Earth to be tomorrow? Today, concrete reality entombs humans. How would you like to be tomorrow?
School strike for climate

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Global Warming . Friday 15 March 2019

Spices for vegetable stew

Eleven. Alicante
Gathering some words, writings in your own time. An arrangement from disparate thoughts. Without reason. A trace, a trail that doesn't add-up. These words mingle with this atmosphere, humans moving, voices, things resonating with surfaces, hard, clunk, soft, pulsing. Rhythms in and out of phase, this sense of being.

Pen Ponds, Richmond Park
Rambling thoughts come to rest in words written on a page. Disparate images and sounds, spilling out of dreams, coming to rest in contemplation, a collage of words. These forms of thought shaping how I feel, how I am being, how I care for myself. And this deeply strange thought that this 'being' is millions of years old.

Ten. Heathrow Airport
I read this and that book, mainly philosophical in nature, trying to understand what is being said. Morsels of meaning manifest themselves. I'm fascinated but unsure about the relevance of these perceptions to my everyday life. I say to myself what I understand isn't the same as how I understand.

Nine. Stonehenge

Eight. South coast
Something about you, it's not what you say, it's the way you say what you say. How you feel about your thoughts becomes a journey of yesterdays, a year ago could feel like yesterday. A sense of yesterday can pervade today.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport
An exercise each day, to do something for your self, maybe in the way you cook a meal to share with some friends. Sometimes a meal turns out okay, your friends enjoy your food. You practise a little each day, trying out slightly different approaches. Over time your cooking becomes less about what you cook and more about how you cook. A sort of shift in consciousness from doing something, towards being something. You become aware of this change in yourself, it may seem imperceptible. You keep practising a little each day.

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