my mother and father were lovers in the war, my first sister, Wendy, was born in 1943, I was conceived in the Spring after the war ended.

Mum and Dad in Walthamstow

Beingness . How you are with how you 

Water Butt

Kendrick Mews, South Kensington

Blackberries and Wild Plums from Regent's Park

How to speak 

Being born is the end of your life, forming, shaping, sensing beginning in another way

practise compassion for your thoughts

think twice it's alright
Healing - caring - self . other . world - a note for yourself each day to maybe look back over,
out of your way

space and time for your thoughts and feelings walk, thought, sit write, in a cafe

together, I don't know how to speak of these things we share

unravel your wings hold your breath over there a shadow gone gone gone

imperceptible memory meandering, timeless crushing space remembering

Too Hot, Richmond Park

Fairfax Road, South Hampstead

Twiggy and Donovan, Bourdon Place

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