I stop for coffee, people passing by talk of awareness, something to do with perception or knowledge, the words 'not sure' linger. 

What of awareness as a practise of everyday life? A way of being aware of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. Having a sense of how you are being each day, when you are alone and when with others, and beginning to have an understanding of how you are with your self, and how you are with others. How do you practise awareness? 

Moments, making moments meaningful. Hesitating, stopping, dwelling for a second or two. An itch on my neck. How does that feel? I feel like rubbing it, but I hesitate and wonder about that itch. It seems to spread up slightly into my scalp, a sense akin to burning, or warming an area of my body, I imagine my blood forming a little longer in that spot. The itch on the back of my neck has faded away. Now I'm aware of another itch, my left eye. I come back to writing this, my eye itch still there, I let it linger. A noise from outside the window, an engine, not a car, sounds like a generator, something to do with road-works, maybe a pneumatic drill will start up. I come back to my hand typing these letters onto this iPhone screen, the end of my index finger is becoming a little sensitive, a change to typing with my middle finger. 

These moments go on throughout the day. Most of the time these moments are imperceptible. I don't hesitate and try to articulate about what's happening. I don't try to record how my body is sensing things. Why should I? Maybe a practise of everyday awareness will help me feel a little more compassionate, maybe kinder. Maybe when I use the word 'awareness' for my self I'm thinking of this imperceptible world, and making these outer and inner worlds more perceptible. Forming a sense of knowing for my self. Making moments magical. 



Odeon Cinema, Swiss Cottage

Jude's Cross-Stitching


AMF International Masters Championship, Dublin, 1965. 

Post Office Tower, Cleveland Street

St Pancras Church, Bloomsbury

Voss, 1965

Walthamstow, 1955 

My sisters, Wendy and Marilyn with my Mum, Sheila, in, maybe 1955. I'm eight years old and have a new camera, a Brownie 127. I'm not sure of what pictures I want to take, but like the idea of holding onto a moment of what I've felt and seen. 

Marchmont Street

Elliott School, Dave Wheelan, Roy Jones, Suzanne Brown, 1962

Skiing trip with Elliott School to Bergen, Norway in 1965. On board boat from Newcastle to Bergen with Malcolm Castleton and new mates. 

Skiing trip to Bergen, Norway with Elliott School. On board boat from Newcastle to Bergen in 1965

you are how you have been
Innsbruck, 1963

Running at Hurlingham, Tony Hall and Leroy Spurway, 1962

Lambretta 150 Li, 1963 

2i's coffee bar on Old Compton Street, Soho, in 1963

Sympathy Machine

Symptom machine by Kate Cooper at the Hayward Gallery 

Root Canal 

Root canal treatment this morning, "looks okay". "It may be sore for a day or two".

Beans and Nothingness

Listening to 'In Our Time' on Authenticity - 'to thine own self be true'. Sartre, Being and Nothingness and Heidegger, Being and Time. Angst, fear and freedom. And now, here, Beans on Toast. 

Lambretta, 1964.

Mini Cooper, Monaco, 1968

Twenty One. Brands Hatch, 1968

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