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Madrid, Spain, 1957

Madrid, Spain, 1957?

From Tony:
I was contact printing old negatives the other day and came across this photograph. I presume our Dad took it. And it's Spain. It maybe 1957. I don't know which city it is though. And I presume Marilyn was with, but not in the frame. Have you any memories of this time and place?

From Wendy:
Yes I think that's right. I believe we visited Madrid and Alicante among other Spanish resorts, with the Bernadout family (mummy's hairdresser who also ran a travel shop). He had relatives in Spain. If my memory serves me right his brother dealt in quality carpets. Import and export. We stayed in Benidorm when it had just one hotel and hardly any holiday makers. Marilyn was with us. We had travelled by car through France and Spain. Quite ambitious for the time. I'm not sure where this shot was taken though.

From Wendy:
Glad my recollections were useful. One further thought. I believe we stayed overnight in/near Madrid because I remember sleeping in a huge bed with Marilyn and Joy. Possibly a Parador or old Spanish castle. Lovely souvenirs and memories of our visit to have after all this time.

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