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Marilyn, Bank Lane, 1954

Marilyn, Bank Lane, 1954?

From Tony:
Do you remember this bike, this hockey field, the woods, the pavilion behind the photographer (me? our dad?), your clothes, the ribbon in your hair, where you went on your bike? I think our Dad may have posed this photo, notice the brick under your peddle, balancing the bike and you?

From Marilyn:
I don’t remember this photo - I might have been a little too young but I can see exactly where it was taken! Right behind the garden on the wall by the old pavilion with the hockey fields behind it and the horse chestnuts on the bank between the fields.. Although this was obviously my first bike it looks a little too big since I don’t think I can really put my toes on the ground!

It’s an amazing looking bike, I wonder what year this is? 1954?

Photo: Dad? 

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