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Prospect Road, Walthamstow, 1956

Prospect Road, Walthamstow, 1956

From Tony:
I’m copying some pics from tiny original prints, ’two and a quarter square’. Also thinking again about trying to organise or arrange some way of seeing our history. The photos are good reference point, or landmarks in the landscape of our life. Also dates and remembered events.
Dad born, Walthamstow East, 20 November 1916.
Mum born, Southsea, Portsmouth, 27 June 1923.
These memories begin to unravel and unfold and may become some sort of book or collage or just stay a photograph.

From Wendy:
Certainly brings back memories. Mary was very fond of her roses, which we had to see every visit. Especially one named Peace. She was, though, rather upset when daddy pruned them; rather too hard in her opinion. But they were ok and she was happy. Sid often complained about the 'rec' but happier when the extra high fence was erected to keep out the footballs! Thanks for all your diligent work on this project.

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