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Walking into the 21st Century #3

Walking into the 21st Century #1

Our last walk of the 20th Century began at 10pm on 31st December 1999.

I had vaguely dreamt earlier in the day of wandering into London via places that had become meaningingful over the last years. I am learning to know and value these places and spaces through taking photographs, reading, and, more recently, the beginnings of writing about them.

Living in the city with the omnipresent noise and pollution of traffic and TV tends to create a need for a regular dose of quiet reflection, some invigoration from open space, and a grounding from grass, shrubs, and trees. I feel fortunate to be within a pleasant w

Walking into the 21st Century #2

Walking down the front steps, pots of wintering plants lining either side, our miniscule garden filled with shrubs and trees - slow growing holly, giant cordaline, elegant weeping birch, conkerless horse chestnut, the sparsely branched purple crab - into the dulled pools of shadow created by dampened street lights, into the fresh quietness of Goldhurst Terrace.

Walking into the 21st Century #3

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