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Pitres, Sierra Nevada, Andalusia

Joe walked through the snow covered forest, the low sun glinting across arms and fingers of white barked silver beech. Joe is tall for his age and strong. He carries a rucksack filled with supplies for the journey. These elegant trees, so richly textured, glowing in the evening sun gave Joe a feeling of ease; thin trunk, delicate branches, shimmering leaves, catching the breeze. His breathing even and rhythmic in tune with the breeze. He takes an orange from his bag and considers the journey, how did he come to beging this journey, what was he searching for? He contemplates the orange as the world, peeling away the crust of the earth, volcanic juices splatter his nose, the orange glows of vitamins for his weakeaned body. Being lost in the forest, wilderness is disorientating, need some ways of holding on to reality, and ways to motivate himself to keep going.

In the photo was a sign on a piece of land, land his father had bought, the words on the sign were in Spanish, Pitreo, written in english on the reverse side was a translation - opening to life.
I had wondered what this word meant when the photo was in the family album. My father said the land was for him and our mother to live in when they were older, to build a studio and to run workshops, and a guest house, for walking and cycling, it never happened. He died, and with him the papers to the land were not found. I know only of the place Pitres, now the land covered by forest for 50 years. 

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