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A Photograph Tells A Story?

The idea that photographs tell stories is a burden. Photographs are more akin to moments in dreams. But we rarely talk of our dreams, and even more rarely write of our dreams. People find writing difficult, we have to learn to write.

Photography is easy; you take out your 'dream machine', press the button and the world before you is flattened, it's encoded.

On the surface most photographs are not particularly interesting, the context makes them interesting.

Photographs are like moments in dreams, they flash before our eyes in an instant, they rarely capture our imagination. We rarely linger and look at a photograph unless encouraged to.

Here, in flickrworld, we can flick through hundreds even thousands of photographs in minutes, scanning them for that moment when our imagination is captured, which is rare.

But. if we know each other, know something of our lives, the photographs we show each other take on a different significance. They can become part of a conversation, part of a social interaction, part of a dialogue. We get to know something of each other through our photographs, the photographs become a conduit for conversation. This is rare.

Photographs do encourage us to think our own thoughts and dream our own dreams, but we'd rather someone else told us the story.

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