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OOO for Beginners . Timothy Morton 2011

So here's my guide to object-oriented ontology for the curious

Read this pithy statement by Ian Bogost (link?)

“I’m of the general belief that academia has a responsibility to the public interest, but more than any other philosophical movement in recent memory, OOO stands to benefit from the deep engagement of ordinary people, since it returns the attention of philosophy to the real, everyday world.” Ian Bogost

Then watch Ian's excellent video, “Seeing Things.”


Watch this video by me.

Now listen to this talk by Graham Harman.

Listen to this class by me.

Series of OOO classes by Professor Tim.

Objects at Rest, Dreaming: Mental final project by my student Kevin O'Connor.

Then you can listen to the first ten minutes of this, in which I introduce OOO.

Now ready for some reading?

Start with this basic tutorial by Graham Harman.

Have a look at The Quadruple Object, a concise and lucid account of OOO by Graham.

Realist Magic (me).

Now try Levi Bryant's “The Ontic Principle” in the free PDF of The Speculative Turn. Then read the online introduction to his version, onticology (part 1 and part 2).

Then bookmark this lexicon of OOO by Levi Bryant.

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