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Thursday 20 November 2014

Thursday. 07:42 . Writing. Photography. Walking. Convivial Camera. Writing this note in 'Notes' on the iPhone 4S. The question I have for my self is something to do with a word for Convivial Camera for Monday that I can put onto Facebook that will give me a focus to next week, but also take into consideration this week's word, 'Street', and have some continuity or association with previous weeks and relate to photography. Ways to approach that word through reading, writing and making photographs. I haven't been out with intent with a camera to make photographs specifically for a long time, the photographs come into being in relation to the circumstances I find myself in, this is me and The Practice of Everyday Life. Behind this is that anyone can make a photograph. But also a photograph that you've made can be used in many different ways. I use my photographs to highlight my Facebook event page for the Convivial Camera each week, and to head (highlight) the Everything Unplugged page each week. 
Thinking Piano and Practice and Music, very much on the periphery of my thinking and my vision, here and now, and vision for my future. Music doesn't have a strong role in my life, TV doesn't have a strong role in my life, not films, I mostly read and write each day. I listen to a podcast maybe once a day, that may last for half an hour. 
A blanket of grey cloud covers the sky, out the back the thermometer indicates 6°. 
Typing on this small screen is easy, I can do it anywhere, I don't need a desk or a lap, I don't need a big keyboard, I an easily read these writings anywhere, anytime, as long as my iPhone is charged, but I can read these writings anywhere I have access to a computer. Handheld computer devices are good for The Practice of Everyday Life. I can listen to a podcast, either through the speakers or in headphones. I can make photographs. I can make video. I can make sound recordings. I want to record my voice in conversation and listen back to my voice and make notes from the recording and then save the recording to a voice folder on a hard drive. On this iPhone 4s I can use the Internet, access Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr - Tumblr, my 'Archive', which I haven't developed my 'use' of. 
In a way I have a nagging feeling or thought about making photographs with an ordinary camera and with intent - but I can do the 'intent' bit with the very ordinary camera in the IPhone 4s. I can make books on the iPhone, but it is fiddly. The Main Thing about using the iPhone as part of my Everyday Practice, or Practice of Everyday Life, is that I can use it anywhere, anytime, it's always with me, I can put it away easily, when it's in my pocket it is not 'here', it is only with me when I want it to be with me. The iPhone also links me to people, to friends, to family, I use it to organise my Everyday Life. As well as a Practice of Everyday Life, I can use the iPhone to help me reflect upon and Critique My Everyday Life. I try to understand or / and make sense of how I've been and who I'm being through reading texts that offer me ways to think about the world and my place in it. Putting My Self In The Picture. The Street - as The Everyday. 
13:26. Forgot that I was using 'Notes' to write my notes. I'm in the centre of Regent's Park, it took half and hour to walk here, I checked out the Benugo Cafe here, in the Inner Circle, it wasn't busy, but I couldn't see anywhere to sit that looked comfortable, it feels more spacious now. I'm sitting on a wooden seat in St John's Garden, the sun is warming my face, cloud around so it's going in and out, on and off. 
I walked fairly briskly down here, popped into Majestic wines, but didn't like the feeling in there, and didn't particularly want to have buy six bottles just to save some money on their prices. It's easier just to have a look at what Waitrose has on offer. 
Writing my notes in 'Notes' is just as good for me as doing this in iA Writer. iA Writer maybe good for just reading articles and pieces that I download from the Internet. 
I wonder what the Marriott hotel at Swiss Cottage is like for reading and trying to write. 
IA Writer is becoming flaky, mainly the self-correction is getting annoying. 
It's reasonably quiet here, the odd person wanders through, a machine noise in the background, my hands are not cold. 
Writing about Photography. Reading will give some clues about what to write. I need to be able to write in ways that give my self ways to write based on my writing / thinking. Reading my own writings on photography to write some more about photography. Question to start from. Or just start from a word and delve into your memory and your imagination. It'll take me half an hour to walk back home from here, back in time for toast and tea. 
What aspects of photography do I want to write about? Could I map out some routes through a landscape of writing about (my) photography? 
The animals are tame round here, a Blackbird has just hopped in front of me and is standing there, a Robin hopped around me then flew onto the arm of this wooden seat, a squirrel dropped a conker in front of when I moved, then tentatively came back to retrieve the conker. 
A helicopter is flying around in the distance. The sun is disappearing behind a tree, clouds coming in from the East. 
15:11. Home. Sun shining into this front room, quite hot when I got back, walked at reasonable rate. My right arm was 'dead' when I got back, could hardly get keys out of my pocket. The manhole covers are noisy. 
21:40. Had cheese on toast with tortilla crisps and a mug of tea when I got back, and listened to Thinking Allowed on Aesop, fables and meta-fables, but fell asleep during most of it. Did brown rice with lentil & bean curry with some fresh tomatoes and sliced raw carrot, followed by mince pie and ice cream that Jude served. 
Listened to some music, updated bits and pieces on iTunes had tea and chocolate biscuit while watching Master Chef between 8-9pm. 
Need to get swirling thoughts on photography written into some form. 
Write some notes, make something out of your notes, with a photograph, put online to see what feedback you get. Re-write these pieces taking into consideration the comments, or just put into book form with some of the comments. 
Ask questions of yourself. 
Read a piece, write some notes, write a piece to put online, concentrate, intent, do every week. Writing Online. Music Online. 
Do it in Convivial Camera each week. An outline for the week. Some photography with intent during the winter, maybe with a camera, a different approach to photography, not just photography from the everyday, photography as part of the practice and critique of everyday life.  
I could do with a map and a theory. 
22:04. Walking with Meaning, reading 'Walking the city' p104. 
iPhone 6 £539

iPhone 6 plus, £619

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