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Tuesday 11 November 2014

Tuesday 07:02. A beautiful red clouded sky at sunrise (07:09) this morning, some blue here and there, around 9° outside. The waste collection truck is trundling down Goldhurst Terrace. Thinking Theory - who's it good for? Theory in our everyday lives. Scientific theories, philosophical theory. Beautiful sky, shift through reds, pinks and now yellows. Theory and Practice - duality, binary, dialectic? Why this dualism? How to think about your practice, with theory? Or with a theoretical method? Is theory useful in articulating  ways of thinking about ourselves, ways of thinking about our practices, ways of thinking about our thinking? How is it useful? What does theory do for you?
What does theory mean for you? How does theory relate to creativity? Creativity - another word to consider. And Practice and Praxis. 

09:02. Swiss Cottage station, train approaching. Books, brain, body. Response to Roger email. Next train to Stratford, will arrive in one minute. Walk. Out. BFI - got iPhone lead, but plug lost. 

10:27. National Theatre, some young budding actors, out of this whole area here, sit next to where I sit, talking about reading texts in the class-ridden male voices. Another student actor come in, he's just come back from Spain, his girlfriend bought 20 acres of land there. They're talking about not going to lectures. Another says he's starting up a magazine that his parents have given him. Another asks what are you reading. A really cool thing. They're trying to enact something now, they are full of themselves, "I light a cigarette" some words from a play, is this rebellion, lighting a cigarette, Lacan and Derrida gets thrown into the conversation, Jean Paul Sartre now thrown in. The Voice being spoken about now. "For Example?". "The light outside is yellow". "Watching television" "living room" "just got the three halves". Still reading from the book, "this is the way it was", "do you want me to out and buy some food" more borrowing dialogue. Control. Work with that bit of dialogue. 

11:01. Two minutes silence, everyone stops doing, like robots, uniform for this. Someone mentions, religion, war, politics before this happens, even the noisy make student actors are quiet, and a young snazzy manager stands still in a prominent position. Someone has sat at a table right next to where u was sitting, I'm being crowded out, and no on else is sitting in this space. More students have arrived, two girls, will they stay or will they move? I think I have to get out of here, I'm getting nothing done. 

12:16. Euston Station. Slightly fed-up, don't feel I got much done, but I have got out, had a walk, got warmed up, put a theme of ’theory' onto Everything Unplugged, got my iPhone lead, no plug, that made me fed up, and didn't have coffee or croissant or toast, 'my' seats at BFI had people sitting in them, I wandered across to National Theatre, didn't feel comfortable there. It takes me a while to get used to a place that I want to return to on a regular basis. 
I feel uneasy, manhole cover clanking out front from passing cars, satellite dishes on the fronts of our house and next door. Things don't feel okay. Walking through Covent Garden up to Euston I felt uneasy.

15:53. Did Face Book in Blurb. Had cheese on toast, and tortilla crisps. Contacted 'Dave' at Transport & Highways, Camden, about Manhole Cover. Says he'll make it urgent - looked at with 2 hours! Had another mug of tea with savoury cracker and peanut butter, Biba's savoury crackers, and a Mini Mince Pie! Reading tweets just now. Theory tomorrow - Truth comes to mind. 

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