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Energy from Food 

2000 calories a day 
60g protein a day 
13g Saturated fats a day 

100kcal = 20 minute walk 

February 2019 11 stone 8 pound - 162 pounds
December 2018. 12 Stone 
October 2015. 13 Stone 
August 2015. 14 Stone 

NHS Health Check. August 2015 
Weight. 14 stone 
Height, 1.78. HDL, 1.68. Ratio, 3:1 
Height 5'11" . 180cm 
Blood Pressure, 129/74 
Pulse Rhythm, 81 
BMI, 29 
1oz = 28g 
3.5oz = 100g 
100ml = 100g 
1kg = 2.2 pounds (352oz) 

Muesli Porridge 400kcal 12g Protein 
Tea, toast, 150kcal, 7g Protein 
Hot cross bun 100kcal 2g Protein 
Banana, Orange, Yogurt 200kcal 8g Protein 
Scrambled Egg, Toast 200kcal, 12g Protein 
Fruit, Nuts, Soya Yogurt 300kcal 8g Protein 
Tea, toast 150kcal 7g Protein 
Hot cross bun 100kcal 2g Protein 
Stew, Peas 300kcal 10g Protein
Weetabix, Milk 100kcal 5g Protein 

1 egg 80g/100kcal 7g protein 
1 slice Vogel's 100kcal 5g protein 
1 slice Wheaten 84kcal 3.9g protein 
1 cup black coffee 2kcal 
1 teaspoon Sugar. 5g/15kcal 
1 Weetabix 14g/50kcal 1.5g protein 
100g Milk 50kcal 3.6g protein
1 teaspoon of Honey 30kcal 
1 Plum 25kcal 
1 Ryvita, 10g/34kcal 
1 Glass of Port 50ml 80kcal 0.1g protein 
1 Mini Hot Cross Bun 89kcal 2.4g protein 
1 Oatcake biscuit 50kcal 1g protein 
1 Carr's Water Biscuit 14kcal 0.3g protein 
1 Digestive Biscuit 70kcal 1g protein 
1 Ginger Nut Biscuit 40kcal
1 Cappuccino 20kcal 
1 Coffee 5kcal 
1 Croissant 200kcal 4.3g protein 6.2g Sats
1 Crumpet 100kcal 
1 Avocado 200g, 300kcal 
1 Clove of Garlic 10kcal 
1 Veggie Sausage 65kcak 8.3g protein 

10g Butter 70kcal 0.1g Pro 5.4g Sats 
10g Margarine 50kcal 
10g Sugar 40kcal 
10g Cheddar Cheese, 40kcal 2.5 Pro 2g Sats 
100g Cheddar Cheese 400kcal 25g Pro 21g Sats 
10g Brie Cheese, 25kcal
10g Goats Cheese, 25kcal 
10g Peanut Butter, 60kcal 
10g Peanuts, 60kcal 
10g Tortilla Crisps. 50kcal 
10g Brown Rice, 10kcal 
20g Brown Rice, 1 dessertspoon 
10g Olive Oil, 80kcal
10g Dates, 30kcal 
10g Mixed Seeds, 50kcal 
10g Mixed Nuts 60kcal 
10g Dark Chocolate 60kcal 
10g Fruit Salad (tinned) 7kcal 
10g Spaghetti 15kcal  
10g Pasta Sauce 5kcal 
10g Pear, 6kcal 
10g Apple, 5kcal 
10g Pineapple, 5kcal
10g Melon, 4kcal  

100g Milk 50kcal 3.6g protein 1g saturates 
100g Milk (half a glass) 
100g Muesli 386 kcal 8.9 protein  
100g Porridge Oats 348 kcal 12.1g protein 
45g Muesli 174kcal 4g protein 0.5g Sats 
30g Porridge 100kcal 4g protein 0.5g Sats
100g Banana 100kcal 1g protein 
100g Tangerine 50kcal 1g protein 
100g Yogurt (0%) 56kcal 6.6g Pro 0g Sats 
100g Baked Beans, 100kcal 5g Pro 0.1g Sats
100g Cheddar Cheese 400kcal 25g Pro 21g Sats 
100g Sweetcorn 180kcal
100g Potato 80kcal
100g Carrot 40kcal 
100g Broccoli 40kcal 
100g Onion 40kcal 
100g Beetroot 40kcal 
100g Celery 20kcal
100g Cucumber 20kcal
100g Leek 60kcal 
100g Tomato 20kcal
100g Red Pepper 30kcal
100g Peas 75kcal 
100g Watercress 30kcal 
100g Vegetable soup, 50kcal 1g protein 
100g Flour, 360kcal 

Food Portions 
45g Muesli 174kcal 4g Protein 0.5g Sats
40g Porridge 100kcal 4g Protein 0.5g Sats 
100ml Milk 50kcal 3.6g Protein 0.5g Sats
Coffee Milk 50ml/25kcal 1.8 Protein 0.5g Sats
Vogel's toast 100kcal 5g Protein 0.3g Sats
100g Hot Cross Bun 100kcal 2.4g Protein 0.6g Sats 
100g Banana 100kcal 1g Protein 0.0g Sats
50g Orange 50kcal 1g Protein 0.0g Sats
100g Yogurt (0% fat) 50kcal 6g Protein 0.0g Sats 
Egg 100kcal 7g Protein 1.5g Sats 
100g Soup 50kcal 1g Protein 0.5 Sats
50g Dried Fruit 100kcal 1g Protein 0.1 Sats
25g Mixed Nuts 150kcal 3.5g Protein 1.0g Sats 
100g Alpro 50kcal 4g Protein 0.4g Sats 
Tea Milk 50ml/25kcal 1.8g Protein 0.5g Sats 
40g Vogel’s Toast 100kcal 5g Protein 0.3 Sats 
10g Peanut Butter 60kcal 3g Protein 1.5g Sats 
100g Mashed Potato (milk) 100kcal 2g Protein 0.1g Sats 
100g Peas 84kcal 5.5g Protein 0.1g Sats 
1 Veggie Burger 255kcal 6.1g Protein 1.2g Sats 
100g Crumble 200kcal 3g Protein 1g Sats
Tea Milk 50ml/25kcal 1.8g Protein 0.5g Sats 
40g Vogel’s Toast 100kcal 5g Protein 0.3g Sats 
100g Baked Beans 100kcal 5g protein 0.1g Sats 
100g Gail’s Danish Spelt Sourdough 300kcal 10g Protein 1g Sats 

100g Veggie Stew 200kcal 5 Protein

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