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Wednesday 1 February 2017

To awake, to remember, to write memory onto paper with a pen in the light of an electric bulb as I sit on this Ikea chair. What do I want to remember. What do I want to forget. Want. Writing in this notebook. Anywhere. Writing in Squares. Squares of writing, ramblings, just thoughts spilling onto paper. An exercise, exercising my thoughts related to words. and these thoughts that have become words in my mind - onto paper. Written words. As I write thoughts manifest themselves which is different from sitting and letting thoughts come and go through the landscape of my mind. Will I make anything more from these thoughts on paper. I don't know. Are these words I write a story for anyone else. I don't think so. These are ramblings. Writings, walking with words, a journey through the landscape of my mind manifesting in words on paper. Making something of my thoughts onto paper. To write, to read, to write. 

A cloud collides with itself. Wind. A tree gestures in the breeze. Imagine being the wind, catching a bee in flight, rippling the waters on a babbling brook, worrying the weeds. Elusive wilds, gathering tendencies, near water, growing food. Melodic. Silence. So much happening. Rhythms. Flows. Smallness. Random. Musings. Muse. Amuse. Vitalities. People. Cities soak up human life, cities soak up life. Cities soak up energy. Assaults the senses. Strained. Exhausted. Despairing. Fearful. Anxious. Overwhelming. Limits. Enclosures. Unknowing. Neither individual or community. The periphery, to dance. Nebulous. Ambiguous. Uncertain. Chaotic. Rhythm. 

Clouds articulating. Trees articulating. Life articulating. In the wind. Movement. Moving. Moving between things. Doing away with foundations, nullifying endings and beginnings. Ground. Common Ground to grow from and decay in. Openings for life. Bubbles. Seeing through. Evoking kindred spirits. Outside. The garden. Foliage. Inside out. Enacting language. Articulating experience. Feelings. Limits of Body. A matter of articulation. Ecology entangled in, through, with me. Intrinsic. A bee bumbles by, the Brook carries on babbling, a weed feels its way. Intuition. 

Little weed. Entities. Enacting shifts in thought. Between facades. Entangled. Embodied. Descending into language. Shaping our lives. Changing, forming, deforming, consuming. Why listen? Climate shaping our lives. In transition. Presence. Ephemeral. Relationships. Preserving differences. Vernacular. Indigenous. Know ourselves through our differences. To be here, to be among things. Wilderness, composting, composing, life. Blending, movements. Long rains. Beautiful sun. A kiss. Nebulous articulations. 

Babbling. Water. Brook. Alongside. Coffee shop, desire and need to be social. Places where people can converse. Cafe. City. Coffee. Tea. To drink together. To sit. To be away from work and home. Ambience. Your type of cafe. Your regular cafe. Vague memories, feelings, without words to remember by, words outside of self, like a mirror, a reflection, a response to your self, a comment on your life, a memory. Growing up. Relationships. Friendships. Decisions. Intents. Intuition. Attitude. Informed. Footprints rather than just blueprints. Setting things up despite established culture. Setting a tone, a rhythm, finding a rhythm and working with that for a while. Between people. Foundations too fixed. Some foundations. But lots of breathing space. Finding your way, not getting lost for too long. The Future you imagine. Setting an atmosphere. Setting an ambience. Sharing. Small. How we feel about each other. Participate. Contribute. Responsibility. Perspective. Perception. Turmoil. Chaos. Heat. Movement. Soil. Understandings. Landscape of thought. Walk in Woods. Conversations. Action. Public.

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