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Normally I would open up up my notebook, start up the iPad and wonder where I had left my thoughts yesterday. I start writing as a either a continuation of my notes from yesterday, or riff off some older notes, or read some article I've come across and make some notes from that.

This phenomena of perception intrigues me. Making sense, understanding, and the ways our understandings come to play an 'embodied' role in our everyday lives.

This 'embodied' notion goes back to the 1980s for me. Trying to make my own sense of working with photography with people who had to cope with physical and mental conditions.

My sense then, and probably is still the same, was to avoid using terms / concept like 'disability', 'special needs', and to focus in one 'Being' and 'Able'. I also separated the 'Being' from 'Human'. This allowed me to (just) be with the people I was working with. And we we could concentrate on ourselves being able. This was embodied practice, both 'mind' and 'body'. This practice was 'reflective', the photographs we made for and with each other allowed us to come back on ourselves in different ways, over time.

Oh, this note is getting long. I'll leave it at that. Try and come back at our conversation in another way, on another day, an another frame of mind / consciousness.

I'll put up some pictures that are lingering on the periphery of our thinking here.

Enjoy the long weekend of just being.

And the ability to still sip cold fresh waters, how fortunate we are.

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