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Tuesday 5 June 2018

It's early Tuesday morning, Carluccio's coffee on my table, water drunk, notebook open. People around. Music, okay. 

I'm also thinking about 'photography', photography as an embodied practice. Also some thing called a camera. Maybe a convivial camera. A camera incorporated into the iPhone I'm typing these words on. Photography for me is so much more than 'visual perception'. Photography has probably (always) had something to do with 'my' being in the world, with a camera, walking with a camera, a sort of presence in the world. Making a photograph now and then was part of this being in the world. 

In so many ways I don't feel that 'visual perception' is about what my eyes see. 

If I touch some thing, or some thing touches me I tingle, usually in imperceptible ways. This touch isn't just about my body, isn't just about my fingers, this 'tingle' enlivens my system, it's embodied, its conscious. 

Seeing is like touching some thing, or being touched by something. Seeing isn't just about sight.  

And now my morning coffee time is coming to a close. I give myself an hour here each morning. To write my notes. I hope you can open out some sense from these thoughts. 

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