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07:16. Hotel. Coffee. Water. Words. Thought-feelings drifting. These words. A word to riff off. Resonating. Presence. Being. Elusive. My 'photo-word' for this month became 'place'. Without too much intent I come across a scene, a situation, a setting that might become a photograph. This photograph has some resonance with the word 'place'. Often it is a feeling of, about or with a place. Place is one of those words that would be easy to work with all year, making a photo and working at some writings each week, even each day, with intent. But each day is just as much about being as it is doing. Being is elusive, it's with one forever. Awareness of being is usually subsumed to the condition of being human, or a human being.
Yes, a word with a week. To begin, to end, in days.
Another coffee, 'Milano', "notice the difference".
A tune, a song plays through my thoughts; Time Moves Slow, by BadBadNotGood. "Running away is easy .."
I'll sit a little longer, enjoy the extra coffee, and soon, walk outside into the long day of light.

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