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Saturday 9 July 2018

This wonder of everyday life. The mundane mudlarkingess of meaningfulness. What we make of each day we are alive. This beingness. And, how one reflects. How one labels one self. How one positions or points at one self with language. And the other, positioned by institutions. These perspectives. These articulations of our everyday. And one self. This language, that ideology that positions us. So, to form a language of articulations; movement, moments, words, pictures, for our selves, this good self, this knowing for our selves, for each other, as different from their knowledge. This knowingness of our everyday lives, this mundanity, beyond institutional articulations, their articulations of us, our articulations of ourselves.

These rambling words above are riffing off deeper thoughts and feelings from the 70s and 80s. I was trying to work through ways of 'seeing ourselves' and our  own articulations, ourselves in everyday life. Most of the educational stuff I did in the 80s was about this; those photographs, booklets, exhibitions, films - about 'ourselves', about 'seeing', about how one was seen (labelled) and how one (and a group) wanted to first, see one self, and later be seen by others.

Gradually. I'll re-form, re-shape, re-write, re-think, re-articulate these thought-feelings.

Your thoughts, your mundane days, your words become part of this composting of consciousness. The 'gradual' is a form of composing from the compost, the act of composing is a form of composure, the composure of our everyday lives, this mundane.

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