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Sunday 10 June 2018

Sunday morning, cloudy, 62°, a quiet walk. The hotel is coming to life. I'm given a free cappuccino, I usually have a 'long double espresso'. Carluccio's introduced a buy six get one free card scheme a few months ago. I also have a glass of water. Joni Mitchell sings California in the background. Outside a taxi waits. An 'airport people carrier' pulls up, a group of three people and their bags hurriedly move through the automatic doors. This, usually on the edge of my perception, my awareness, and so much more visualised, unspoken, unwritten, here, now.

I come back to being, and a concept of articulated perception - a manifestation of latent feeling-thoughts.

Being, a landscape of consciousness, wandering, worrying, wondering, entangled, flowing, freezing, melting.

Latent, as in dreams.
Latent, as a negative manifests itself in the darkroom into an image.
This autistic perception.

This image. This place. A photograph. Perception. Articulated. Framed. A sentence. Something more can always be.

here and now
this to and fro
rhythm, rhyme, reason
ebb and flow
time to go

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