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I think that all the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and so on) are interwoven and that they combine to make unique experiences but when you combine these senses and channel them through something like a camera we are then just left with an image - the other senses are left behind!?

The Camera Image: a photograph, a portal, a dream.

The question is, how do you (I) want to see a photograph - in your (my) perception?

I rarely look at photographs, I glimpse, I glance, I digest them in a jiffy. I have memories of photographs. Photographs appear in my conscious mind, some sense or feeling is associated with a photograph - another form of perception.

In everyday life sense and perception is entangled. We make sense out of our exploring, experimenting, responding, reacting and so on - this is an experiential embodied entanglement in everyday life.

And, how do we articulate our perception? Usually through forms of language. These articulations include gestures, attitudes, talking, writing, photographs - and so on.

Oh. I don't think this is going to be brief. I'll have to come back to this writing, this articulation through my perceptions.

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