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The pollen has got to me this year more than usual, I tend to avoid the antihistamine, but have some little pills.

The 'perception' thing is about me thinking about how we see, as much as what we see.

I look at the table in front of me, specifically the coffee cup and saucer, as I type these words into the iPhone the cup and saucer are in the periphery of my vision.

What do I see?
I don't see the coffee cup and saucer as it is. If I linger I see a general shape, shadows, highlights, surfaces, reflections, and so on - my orientation being toward a sort of aesthetic perception. Another moment of pondering and my perception of 'coffee cup and saucer' connote a flood of coffee / cup / saucer images, thoughts, feelings.
I come back to this particular coffee cup and saucer. What I see, the thing, is not what I perceive.

And so I think about ways of seeing. This pondering goes way back, to before college, back to the 60s. I made no time for trying to write down my thoughts then.

Going to PCL in the 70s was a way for me to try to articulate these thoughts and feelings. I got a bit sidetracked there, but did manage to make a little film - To See Ourselves.

In the 80s I was trying to think/enact this stuff through the projects I set up. But for some reason I didn't want to document or analyse these projects. I was trying to get away from the dominating forms of labelling people and towards how the people I was doing the projects with saw and felt and thought about the world and themselves in it, with each other.

In the 90s I wanted/needed a break from all this, and became immersed in the early days of digital  multimedia.

Now, an empty coffee cup, an hour of thinking and writing, and my day begins.

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