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It's 07:05. I'm sitting. An empty coffee cup, some milk in a jug, movement around me, people, voices, indistinct, peripheral, sensing. I'm forming this sentence to articulate my sense. Sense happens in the blink of an eye. Making a sentence draws out this perception. Most of the time my sense is just sense, on the edge of perception.

Some reading suggests to me that 'autistic perception' can be characterised as an 'environment' between our sensing and our forms of articulated and animated perception. In our society / system this forming of perception is dominated by language (the linguistic form or code).

This slow form of articulating our sense, this writing, these emails, this movement, draw out thought-feelings, fragments of a picture gradually forming.

In a way making a photograph is a short cut to making this picture. A blink of my eye.
What the camera forms and what my eye-perception forms are very different.

To draw out this picture, this environment, this place I'm in now, would have little to do with what my eyes see, and so much more to do with what my senses perceive.

And my memory of this (moving) moment, a second, an hour, recedes, decays, becomes compost.

This memory fades, like the compost in a landscape of thoughts and feelings, as I drink the milk and walk into today.

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