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The photo movie is a way to articulate my memories and feeling through pictures and music. The continuity of juxtaposed entities maybe evoking some reflection. A presence, rather than purpose.

I agree about the dualism being a bit of a problem. The feeling I got from looking at early forms of Haiku was to do with embodied experience in relation to Earth, a presence.

I realised this form of poetic encounter related to a way I sometimes approached making photographs. Not just this or that but also something between or in relation to this and that - a presence. Sometimes it seemed to work.

A later form of haiku (contemporary), usually based in the city, tended towards notions of juxtaposition and contradiction -  and what lies between - the space for reflection and contemplation.

In photography I became interested in this space between contradictions, but haven't pursued that feeling-thought much. I think I might begin to think about that again, and try some stuff.

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