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compost, no end, no beginning
this ground we know from
this decay that shapes our day

nurture the decay
to feel your way
to come to know what to say

A word for the week
if you want
to riff around
to say
to make some sound
for our selves
a good enough reason


O7:15. Walked. Warm night. Hotel. Coffee. Water. Cool. Words. Ways of feeling thought, for a while. To write.

Things exist because they are present.
Things exist because they are not present.

Things decay
No thing falls into place
Things contradict
Of things, to think

and to write in a multitude of different ways.
A Haiku as juxtaposition to reflect upon, a contradiction to contemplate.
And a film, those juxtapositions, a montage. And writing a scene, writing what is seen.
And for me, to 'show' a photograph, and to sense a form of embodied writing, feeling my way through words.

This presence.

Our last decayed,
this lasting decay
Looking back
And forth
Four ways of being
And seeing

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