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Journeys into words

Our journeys into words, your writings, perceptions, paths of thought, trails of  feeling, senses of knowing, linger, this friend within, hidden, waiting, for the world, a world of words to open back into, from a seeming darkness, into a lightness of day. Our ways with words manifest our latent 'memories'; our feelings, our thoughts, the  ways we were, the ways we want(ed) to be. Words, the words we choose, our 'memories'. And each day, afresh, experiences of life embodied, dreamed, coming alive again, fade into day, to make of in another way, to hold, to know, this way of words, these words, memories, and perceptions. Our 'memories', the experiences of our days, become our perceptions, our perceptions become who we are, how we have been become our 'memories'.

Find / Make (copy stuff) some photographs to go with these writings, just a few, less than a dozen. The photographs don't need to be directly linked (anchored) to the text, just associated. The photographs can be in-between thoughts, links to thoughts that you can come back to later, in another book, in another way.

The 'memory' 'maps' of ancient navigators allowed them to travel again, in other ways, and further, and to tell the stories of their journeys in a multitude of different ways, each sign, each change in direction a different perception, each perception a different story. Their children traced the journeys in the sand, found bits and pieces as signs and symbols that represented things, events, moments from the journeys, as the stories were enacted into the evening, to become their dreams, as the fire faded into night.

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