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Rain drops fell on my head this morning. To walk. This water. A coffee. Reality. A presence, self, others. These ephemeral entities. To hold a reality. Sense. This presence. This self this moment. To linger within the presence of one self for a short while. My perception, my focus, my framing, this moment of reality, awareness, and noticing changes within this space of time, this frame, these imperceptible changes that become present in this practice of awareness. Hold on. Stay with the frame. Within the frame, a presence, an appearance. This photograph.

I might stick a photograph online, that came to mind as I was writing this. Framed, fixed, settled. My 'haiku'. Maybe add unsettled writing later. Not sure.

The difference - between here, now, email, and online, there, then. And, the difference of presence, reality, appearance. And, a sense of contradictions, to exist is to contradict, and to explore these spaces between contradictions, never quite resolved, lived, not making sense of each day. Being alive.

These writings, my photographs appear as ephemeral entities, they become my decay, which become my today.

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