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Two or three weeks ago I cycled from my home of being old to the home of my infancy. Born in Walthamstow, lived my early years on the Bank of England Sports Ground. Richmond Park was part of my play ground. Beverley Brook was a connection, it runs through Richmond Park and babbles along the border of the Sports Ground.

I cycle through Regent's Park, across Hyde Park, along Fulham Road, past North End Road, over Putney Bridge, and on to Roehampton. All sorts of feelings and thoughts rattle and ripple through, across, along my body-mind (consciousness) on a little journey like this.

I wondered where we, and people we knew, bought their scooters, the way we formed our group, our friendships, us school-leavers, work-beginners, this coming together around those scooters, clothes, girls, music, clubs, and dancing, beginning to know something of ourselves in other ways, and for such a short intense time of our lives, in the 60s. Our instincts, insights, intuitions forming, shaping, manifesting ourselves from our dreams and our world of play.

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