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Thursday 19 July 2018

I vaguely begin to consider the contradictions that can manifest an exploration of deep thoughts (our remembering) - this difference, this juxtaposition, these dichotomies. Haiku seems to offer a 'this or that' way of thought - a form of thinking. In a sense this is embodied or ecological thinking - on this hand, or that hand; left, right; and so on.

I begin to dwell in this space and time between two words 'presence' and 'present'. To wonder something of the space between words. To try to situate my self between.

Crikey, Stoneleigh. I like the way your fragments of thought begin to paint a picture (for me a photo-movie). These fragments are artefacts that begin to articulate an image. And it is these spaces, from between the artefacts that dreams and other thoughts and feelings seem to manifest themselves, from what seemed 'beyond'.

Yep, 'love', I wasn't aware how serious it was until I really was confronting the reality of a whole new way of life - and I hadn't got to grips with the life I was already living. Strange days. Amazing days.

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