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In a way we are totally and utterly knowable, to ourselves. We articulate this knowing in every move we make. How we re-present this knowing to or for ourselves is another question.

I think for me I have used my photographs to articulate something of my knowing, a relationship with photographs. I also use my note writings and my book-making in a not dissimilar way, to know some things of my self in different ways over time.

Our writings, like ourselves, can be an open and changing thing, never quite fixed. Photographs fixed things for me. My photographs are framed, enclosed and literally fixed. Like words, photographs  connote and denote in different ways over time. Just having ones own words, ones own photographs, fixed in a time and space is like having a sign (post) to how things were. My writings change, my perceptions change, my photographs change. I change. I see this through my photographs and writings. I know it through how I feel about my self, and the ways I move. So much is imperceptible. So much of this imperceptibility is on the edge of perception, I like to look over the edge of perception.  Also, in many ways I am 'fixed' this is 'me'. I'm fixed in so many ways. My forms of perception allow me to open back out again, to breath afresh, to move about in different ways. I'm able, I have ability, being able to move.

I know so much of my self, my self knows my self inside out. Being aware of my knowing is some thing else, and articulating this 'being aware of my knowing is some thing else' again. My photography and writing has something to do with this 'knowing'. And what of this 'knowing', this 'self'? I'll never know the answer to certain questions, these questions close me down, fix me, frame 'me' enclose, shut me off. I'd rather try to find ways to open my self up, to open out, to get out, to breath again, the air, a walk.

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