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A walk. Cool of morning. Coffee, "Milano". Water, shimmering or shivering. 07:07. Jude is off to work soon, a walk across Regent's Park. She has in mind a Flickr / Apple book of a year of this walk to work, her photos are gathered, just a matter of choosing a picture and beginning making a book. To begin; to move, to sit with a computer, to pick a picture, see a page on the screen, begun.

Each day some time to play. A picture on a page. Some words in a notebook. A stitch sown. A seed known. Each day, a play. This imperceptible perception.

This time of play, the clock ticks, their time of play, play-time. Another time of play.

Body rhythms flow, move, heart pulses, breath into air, energies abound. Ones time for play so different each day, untethered. Making time to play, even for a moment, with these words, with gazing at a glass of water. This wondering of play. Embodied-play.

These thoughts, moments of playfulness, movements through the landscape of consciousness, the morning sun rising, awakening, sensing, a mood, to play.

Yesterday I played with pictures and words, moving them around, re-looking, trying things out, making pages in a book, looking, reading, re-writing, fiddling around, on and off through the day. Heat, aching back, stiffening hands, ringing ears, days end. That time, that day, I played yesterday. A rough book made for the day.

Today, memories, of yesterday, lingering feelings manifest through words, an articulation of a sense of self and being.

Here, now, some moments to play with words. The word 'belief' wanders through my landscape of thought-feelings. The letters become deranged, disturbed, abstracted, I try to put them back into a form, as before, but another word begins to manifest itself, to take shape, 'belife', I see 'be life'. Feel a sense of just being. The moment passes, like so many moments pass me by. Words like these open up my moments, to become 'pictures' of moments, time past. This articulated consciousness, a perception, a self, known, in a way, a presence, with words, through play.

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