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Wednesday 4 July 2018

Strange, this word sense, and the idea of no sense, non-sense, and making sense. In so many ways everything is sense, everything is sensual, everything is sensing. We humans have made sense a problem. To Make Sense? Back to Perception, and Making Our Own Sense. This problem we humans have with articulation. So often allowing others to make their sense for us. We humans just sit back and let their sense make sense of us and everything around us. I'll drink a little water now, that touches my senses.

Have to take a road trip to Genoa, so different, in so many ways. What happens between times? the sixties and now, 2018. Fifty years.  Making 'sense' of that will take a lifetime, that line of time, that one can make sense of in so many ways. A photograph. An email. Nice. That's it.

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