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As a young kid I would always want to get out, into the day, to be outside. Going to school, and later work, disrupted this basic need or desire in me. Going out after work lead into the night, the alcohol, the cigarettes, the odd drugs, took over from being out in the light of day. Being out was a way of being; the light, wind, water, trees, grass, and many beings to be with and surrounded by. I was walking through Richmond Park yesterday and something of this thought crossed my mind.

Electric Light
I write with electric light, this iPhone light, the hotel light illuminating my notebook. I read some words I've written, from July. Another coffee arrives, a freebie, for Friday? Nice. I linger with the coffee, thoughts drift towards those stars, the light of suns, not unlike the sun that allows us to be alive, the sun of our day light. And the moons, the reflected light of sun, and the earth, this Earth, absorbing light.

So much part of photography. This light of our everyday lives, that comes from just one star, our sun. I look up, towards a window, sunlight on a wall, shadows, the leaves of the trees, absorbing light of our star.

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