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Feeling my way into this day. A movement, a habit, an exercise, a practise. This practice of the day. And this being, a presence, mingling with the day, forming, taking shape, and, later, dissolving into sleep. For a short while I stop writing, drift into contemplation, without focus, a lightness, not quite holding, and allow that feeling to be for a moment, seconds, minutes. The word 'peripheral' shapes the edges, peripheral perception, not being on the periphery, more like being immersed, the periphery being like some sort of horizon, over there, on the edge.

These photographs, which I can now digitise, print, form into books, not necessarily to be physically held, although the making of books is a way of being, bringing these photographs back into a presence of being, to bring the photographs close-to-hand, the books have a presence, sitting on the shelves.

Holding on, letting go, remembering, forgetting.
Letting go, allowing focus to drift, feeling a presence.

O8:00 appears at the top of my iPhone screen.
My exercise, practise into this day, begins to take on another shape. To finish the glass of water, put the notebooks and pen into my bag, this routine, more like a habit now, feels okay. Back to making books today.

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