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A July 2018 book taking shape.
Another book, 2008, forming from Flickr.
So much matter to matter.

I sift through the rotting leaves, flip the Flickr pages, look a little deeper, peer into the endless depths of those photographs and writings. Forming, shaping something afresh from stuff left behind, from the decayed.

Today, high clouds swirl, I whirl, deep inside, the child nearly lost, a moment to twirl.

A word to riff around. Like a stone. Not a weight around a neck. A lightness upon the ground. Attitude. Apprehension. Ambiguity. Appearance. A Word. To spell. To explore.

Sifting through the compost of July 2018, of thought, image, feeling, imperceptibly, manifesting, change, consciousness.

A letter forming A. Seeing lines forming, drawn out. The pen, the magic wand of spells. To meditate, concentrate, a stone, stillness, for a minute, a longer breath, air, moving, swirling deeper.

Seeing A like seeing a stone. To hold, the thought, the image, an appearance, a perspective, this perception.

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