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A journey, speed, everything whizzes past, nothing to quite hold on to, the experience, feelings, become conceptual - a bicycle, a scooter, a car, a train, a plane, and I think of running, and walking, and being, and still, and a sigh, some minutes to ponder, this morning, into light, the light of this iPhone screen, the light illuminating the table top, outside, the sun there again, the shadow of soft light from a cloudy sky.

I'll walk into town soon, meeting Fred this morning in Covent Garden, if I'm late I can catch a bus or train, but would like to walk, actually I need to walk. I've been sitting around a lot recently, in front of the light of a computer screen, trying to get books made before Apple stops printing books. I'll find other printers, but the experience of making books from my photographs and words will be different.

The thing about lines, typed on a computer screen, on this iPhone is they just appear. When I draw a line on paper the experience is quite different. Reality appears differently. I leave a trace, a hand, a different memory of the same words.

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