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Yesterday. Remember. I slow my self now and then, take a breath, a sigh. I stop a movement. Like 'hold it' as in photographic 'hold it'. I stop moving in the middle of things. Doing some washing up. Things that are full of continual movement, I just stop, like a snapshot, then carry on. A strange and interesting sensation and sense of self. I imagine a stop-frame animation, which will stay in my mind. I imagine a slo-mo version as well. So some moments in my book-making day of stop-frame cooking, washing-up, and another version a slow-mo. Fun, but also interesting, especially when I think about the gestures later. They fade now, but somehow they become moments of awareness through the day. A day can easily fade away, this awareness makes the day into a journey. To practise each day with one's self. I look up and see the movements of people around me here in a slightly different way. My perception shifted slightly. Seeing through a sense of self. I don't make a photograph, I sort of think through a 'photograph'.

A Photograph.
Stillness, hold it, moments through the day, in mind, a sense of self, experienced, imagined, remembered, fading now, the ground, the decay, my day. I say, to my self. In a way. And a smile comes to mind. I look away, shut my eyes, a moment, a movement comes to mind, indistinct. Mists from decay, an atmosphere now, presence, aura, a feeling. That photograph. That day.

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