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Corresponding ~ a wave, a smile, kindness, a cake, some cheese, the arrangements we create, with each other, with the people around us, a life of arrangements ~ the dinky toys, those sticks and stones, some stamps, clothes, in a draw, cupboard, shelf ~ ways of arranging our things, our days, each other, our life.

Arranging, so different from organising. Arranging for how things look and feel, a sense of beauty out of everyday life, a twig with a stone. These flowers, plants, garden, mountainside, a sort of landscape of conscious manifests itself from our dreams, ways of articulating our being.

I play, at arranging, things, words, and those elements in a photograph. Here, now, this notepad, pen, cup, saucer, arranged in a way I feel at ease with, a way of being. Yesterday I re-arranged some shelves and cupboards in our kitchen, fiddling, to create an ambience that looks, feels, and choreographs into how we articulate ourselves in our kitchen, always a dance, stirring, water into kettle, cupboard door opening, a tin opening, a breathe, so much of life, moments passing by, hidden, feeling my way though. Sensing, a journey through a day, these movements, arrangements, correspondence ~ this correspondence with everything around us, our senses, an awareness, consciousness.

Arranging, articulating; elements in a photograph, words on a page, books on a shelf, stamps in an album, flowers in a vase, arranging ourselves. Ikebana, tai chi, iChing, these forms of arrangement and articulation, grounded, earthed, sensing, awareness, through so many moments in the day, simple, slow, exploring, adventures, journeys, through the day.

This composting, composure, corresponding, forms of poise and presence, shaping through the arrangement we create. And that other form, feng shui, arranging space, everything has a place, a presence, and everything is moving.

The sky this morning, clouds passing, parting, glowing red.

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