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Tai Chi. Aikido. Zanshin. And the practice of everyday life. These forms interest me, as does the word 'form'. Philosophies from long ago talk of theories of forms, or theory of Ideas.
These ancient forms, over millenniums changing, adapting, mulching, re-forming. These movements of ideas, and movement of body, forms of awareness through each day. The way I hold this iPhone to tap these letters into words, into sentences, to be heard, a voice 'speaks' the words as I tap the letters. I notice my breathing, a motor starts up behind me, a cooling cabinet for 'Food To Go', the music playing, nice tunes, singing, the words reflected, absorbed by the surroundings, the tone of voice, in a strange way, everything is being, and I'm being, even stranger, in this frame of mind, I'm not 'a' being, I'm just being, I'm immersed in everything for a moment, a while.

This practise, a practice of concentration, moments through the day, awareness, movement, something to do with 'dance' here, dance not quite as a 'form' or 'idea' in my head and then a 'conforming', more the other way round, the body and mind dancing, before language, as a child, before words decide what I do, how I be.

Presence, the dragons fly, crossing the grasslands, a thousand flight paths of insects, for me, a moment, to walk to be.

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