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Sunday 23 September 2018

Early 1980s, 1983/1984, I would have to dig into my bits of papers from the past to fix the dates, but maybe not. I'll stay with this misty memory, it gives me room to breath, its perforated, a space to open out, a little. So, I'll say1984, I'd been working as a photography tutor in Southwark since 1979 when I'd helped set up a darkroom in a day centre off the Walworth Road. I found myself beginning to think about collage again. Before this I had been fairly thoroughly grounded in montage. I'd been doing a series of photography workshop since 1979, with people from the estate, and a little later some people with varying abilities began to get involved. I managed to get more funding to explore and experiment a bit. A group of around a dozen people began to get involved. This is going to get hugely long. I'll try to get back to the 'collage, thinking. Various people had become involved and I was vaguely thinking of making a film, I voice the idea to a couple of the group, and they were very enthusiastic. So it began. After many experiments and lots of exploring this 'collaging together' form began to take on a shape, a practice. I managed to get day sessions for a term. Each day would be about people contributing to the collage, an area of floor space. Mainly photographs and writings, bits and pieces from magazines and newspapers. This was the morning, a mess of stuff. The afternoon would be about trying to make something out the stuff on the floor. Using a video camera. And, in the last hour showing what we had made out of the day. This carried on for many weeks before the themes of the film began to take on some sort of form. So much frustration and elation.

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