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I see the moon travelling across the night sky.
I walk to feel the ways I am feeling.
I reflect.
And tell my self these things.

The man tells me the moon isn't moving.
But I think he may have confused the moon with the sun.
I see the sun moving.
I feel my way into the day, this dance, this walking, these words, these forms of articulation.

A book.
Sheets of paper held in a cover.
The page, a leaf, held lightly, falls gently.
A photograph, held by the page. Re-framed.
Back to my memory of my earliest photo-book. Made without particular intent. More to do with curiosity, and intuition. These everyday feelings I had as a young child, without words to describe these feelings, feeling my ways through each day, and sometimes feeling my way through things; a thought, a camera, a photograph. And then, what to do with these photographs of aeroplanes. I spread them out, pick a few out, put them back in the envelope that the processing lab had put them in, to be held in the envelope, to be enveloped. Another Saturday, I've bought an A5 'book cover' from the toy shop in Upper Richmond Road in East Sheen. I put some photographs of the aeroplane photographs inside the cover, with a lined notebook, for notes. Put it to one side. I come back to it next weekend.  I buy some 'gloy' glue, from the toy shop, to stick the photographs on the pages. I look in and around the toy shop each week after Saturday morning cinema, war films, westerns, not sure what else I watched. Hopalong Cassidy, Davey Crockett. I had the cowboy hat, the mountain hat, the six-shooters, the rifle, the 'caps', 'bang your dead', the outfits, the watch, the time, to play, and later a bow and arrow, and a feeling for being a 'red indian', roaming, avoiding the cow-boys. These things from our local toy shop and Saturday morning cinema. The book cover binder holds the pages through holes in the paper. I tear some blank pages from my notebook and make two holes for the pages to become part of a book. It seems to work. I make a few pages. I have a blank book. I unclip the pages and make a few more, punching holes through from the pages that I've already find work in a loose-leaf way. That's enough for today. I put the loose-leaf book back in my desk draw with the photographs and glue. School tomorrow.

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