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Habits of everyday life. To practise. This knowing of one's day, in a multitude of different ways, perspectives, perceptions of one self, and self with others, and self with those things that surround us, that cup, this table, the chair, a photograph, a stone, knowing a story of the stone, knowing the same stone in different ways, this practice of everyday life. Presence.

Presence. And this knowing of the stone in a multitude of different ways becomes a knowing of one self knowing, knowing one self. This composure. Composure.

Composure. This being, awareness, the compost as part of a digestive system. Decay. No beginning, no end. Digestion. Compost. Decay. And then, another day.

The moon looked good this morning, a slither of reflected sun catches the surface, a face, sparkles, glints, lightness captures my eye, on Earth, this ground, in these shoes. I now sit. A coffee.

And a breath, a sigh. Slows, a pulse, the heart, embodied, being.

Today, back to book making, it's been a journey through 2010 over the last few days, each photograph, reflecting, some feelings and thoughts, and a simple title. Gathering, collecting, sifting, forming, shaping. These photo  books, this composing, an exercise, a practise, a habit, a pleasure, a composure, a self.

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