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Ages ago I signed up with the Curzon cinema in Soho for free or low-cost screenings on Friday mornings. I thought it might get me into watching movies again. Over the years I've been to watch two or three films. I haven't been for ages. Yesterday the weekly email came through saying they'll be showing 'Lucky' with Harry Dean Stanton, about being old in America. I vaguely thought of wandering along. A cycle ride to Soho. A cup of coffee, a croissant. A film. Back home for lunch. Work on book in afternoon. Maybe. I think the film is about this, 'I was here once and, these are some of the things that happened'.

These articulations, this movement, those clouds, the far away sun, walking into the cloudy light of day.

Another  coffee arrives, "this may do something". I was sitting pondering, no signs of writing, wandering through a landscape of thoughts and feelings. This consciousness, the writings, the photographs, this way, everyday life, a trace, a trail, signs.

These articulations, hot sun, the light of day, dark clouds, floating softly, strong wind, gusting gently, this ambience, these articulations, I breath still.

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