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Remembering back over some of my 80s notebooks, the writings were often done in the evening, and some of it was pretty turgid. I like writing notes in the morning, they are just vague, sometimes relating to dreams, sometimes something I've been reading, sometimes just rambling, meandering. The written notes become like notes on a piano, I can play with them, arrange them differently, composing little tunes and rhythms now and then. Photography is not too far removed from this way of thought, feeling my ways through, playing with the elements within the frame, the frame not unlike a page. With photography I'm arranging or re-arranging the elements within the frame, not unlike a child playing with bricks, or anything, sticks, stones, and arranging them, in a way, for no  obvious reason, it just feels okay to do that, to move things around, re-arrange, see how things feel. Exploring, experimenting, adventures, journeys, with paper, on the ground, walking, on a screen, with a landscape of consciousness creating a rippling presence.

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