Yes, it's not so much about what's out there as it is about how I perceive. I look at my photographs. They allude to a ways of thinking that doesn't want to exclude humans (I press the button) but wants to include the other stuff in the world that resonates with being human. l look around. Just about everything is non-human in a philosophical sense. It's more to do with an intuition rather than actually knowing this, like an approach to photography, and to a small degree, an approach towards writing. And, the idea of the 'convivial camera' also relates to my non-human photography. Convivial, an enjoyment and pleasure in using a camera. This is also about the pleasure of arranging things. In the frame. Arranging the activity itself. Making a picture, for whatever reason. Arranging enjoyment, pleasure; exploring, experimenting, adventures, journeys, walking. It's also about ecological thinking; emptiness, being, ability, slow, small, lightness, dance. I imagine this. Maybe grains of truth pepper my photographs and writings. I don't know this. I can only imagine. 08:08.

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