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Sunday 11 November 2019

Voice. A word in my notebook from this morning. Tone of voice, inner voice. These feelings and emotions that whirl around in consciousness. These emotions and feelings  that have such an affect on our lives and which are so elusive. Life seems to just happen, within us. Around us life also happens, each being with these elusive senses. These sentient beings. And what of the things that surround us, the objects that we invest so much energy in holding onto, so much emotion, invested, so much weight. Elusive weight, a sort of darkness, unseeing, unseen. Lightness, a notion of 'light' and 'weight' a concept to hold, to hold like a child may hold the string of a colourful balloon filled with helium. Loosing weight, a diet. Letting go of weight. That weight of extra fat that clings to our body, the weight of things that surround us. Letting go. But holding onto the string, that colourful balloon, to float, a magical sight, this appearance of how things can be, a ballon, a lightness of being. Being as a feeling about ourselves, these elusive feelings that have such an effect upon what we do, a landscape of consciousness, these inner voices.

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