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A practice of everyday life

What is this practice of everyday life? 
Something to think about tomorrow? 
To reflect upon in the moment, to contemplate later, maybe to meditate from. 
The habits, feelings, thoughts, dreams that happen. 
Looping through moments, days, years. 
Awareness of these articulations. 
Articulations of awareness. 
And a leap, from this looping. 
I finish my glass of water, gaze upon the emptiness, a reflection, a feeling, and a sense of emptiness within myself. I linger, this emptiness within, deep, deep, and something akin to the emptiness all around. I try to hold the feeling of that thought, the feeling fades into the emptiness, and even more strangely, this emptiness seems to be an imperceptible everything. Which it cannot be, unless magic is something to be believed in. 

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