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Cholesterol lowering foods

There are several foods which are not just part of a healthy diet, they actively help to lower your cholesterol too. Try to eat some of these every day. The more you add to your diet, the more they will lower your cholesterol, especially if you cut down on saturated fat as well.

Fruit and Vegetables
Aim for: at least five portions of fruit and veg a day. An adult portion is around 80g, or a handful. Make at least one of these beans, peas or lentils. 

All nuts count. Choose unsalted options because salt raises your blood pressure. Where possible, go for the kind with their skins still intact and unroasted, as they contain more nutrients.

Oats and Barley
Aim for: around two to four portions of oat-based products or barley per day. This will give your around 3g or beta glucans which should help to lower your cholesterol.

Foods with added sterols and stanols
This will give you 1.5 to 3g of stanols and sterols. Over three weeks, this could lower your cholesterol by up to 10% (one tenth). There’s no extra benefit from having more than 3g a day.

Aim for: around two servings of soya in foods day. This should give you about 15g of soya protein per day which studies have shown can lower your cholesterol by around 6%.

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