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Political Act

Is 'political' an act, an action, a response, a kindness, a word. Words spill onto my morning notebook from swirling thoughts. I ask myself, is thinking political? And, what does it feel like to think in a political way? How do I define political for myself? Is asking this question a political act? That depends on how you define political. I'm not sure what it is to think or be political, so I'll say to myself that asking that question is political. I have all these questions I've asked of myself, they're stacked in a box. But I'm not sure where the answers have gone. And I still haven't defined what political is. Maybe it's about asking and answering questions. Maybe it's a little more than that, possible being aware of the ways you articulate the answers to questions you ask of yourself. Articulating your thoughts and finding ways to respond to your thoughts in some way, and being aware you've done this, done something with the thoughts that swirl in from the darkness. Maybe this has something to do with being political?

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