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Getting old

Getting old. Perception shifts meaning over time. Old is nearly always over there. Old as how one appears? Old as how one feels? These thoughts and feelings oscillate. I feel older at the end of each day. I feel younger at the beginning of the day.

This day, after birth day, the day before birth, thinking about the decay, wondering about making sense, in a way.

And strangely this decay, the compost of one's own life is where so much freshness can be found, these yesterdays and imagined tomorrows, into wanderings and explorations each day. This drawing out of one's thoughts and feelings into journeys and adventures.

The merriment of food and drink weighs a little heavier after the last 12 days. A little more walking each day, and trying to lighten up in a multitude of different ways. A day at a time. Manifest in moments articulated, nurtured, gradually drawn out.

Enjoy the day, in all those little ways.

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