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Politics. This word began to arise from my early morning feelings and thoughts. I try to hold the word in a way that it relates to my everyday life. Politics is all over the place. It's a hard word and can be a soft word. I orient towards a soft understanding of the word politics for my self this morning, a politics of everyday life, a here and now, this moment. How can I begin to understand the word politics? Through writing these words on my iPhone? Through a politics of writing? A politics of words? A politics of the iPhone? Maybe a politics of this iPhone? I can quickly take my self away from a politics of this moment. Some music plays, a background, another background is the occasional whirring of the 'Food To Go' refrigerator, behind me, the muffled hissing of the air conditioning, indiscernible words of people passing by. I write a couple of pages of notes in my notebook with my pen. Which I'll come back to; this politics of blogging, and my politics of the moment, this everyday practice.

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