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Write a dream

I write about a dream. I have to find and look after a baby that has just been born, his name is Siegfried. I seem to be involved with a rabble, we are being attacked. We go into a building, feels relaxed, easy going. We hear the police are going to raid us, things begin to happen, I find my way out of the building with some others, we walk across the landscaped city, wandering through empty buildings, across grass, past trees. In one of the buildings we find some weapons, a couple set up a rocket launcher, I go to a top floor with them to look out. I can't see far, I leave and walk out into the landscape with some others. In a dip an army unit have set up a base with large guns, a shell whizzes over our heads and blows up the building we've just left. We hurry towards the river, I must try and find the baby. Today is Epiphany, my birthday.

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